The Invoice Finance Services team have just launched their new website to help UK businesses to quickly compare invoice-financing options and find the best deal.

For UK companies, cash flow is a huge issue. A firm with cash flow problems find it very difficult to survive let alone grow and thrive.

A lack of cash makes it impossible for a company to pay its bills, workforce and to buy new materials to fulfil the orders that they already have on their books. Every year tens of thousands of companies that are profitable on paper go out of business because of a lack of cash.

Often the cash flow issues are connected to the fact that invoices have not been paid on time. For UK firms, unpaid invoices are a huge, and growing, problem.

In 2011, £49.5bn was owed to SMEs. This year that figure was £67bn, an increase of 36%. These figures are just the tip of the iceberg because they do not include details for the thousands of sole traders and contractors who are in a similar situation.

The issue is so serious that the government is proposing to appoint a Small Business Commissioner to help small companies to settle late payment disputes with larger firms. However, setting this up will take time and will not help companies that are owed money by smaller firms.

In the meantime, a growing number of firms need access to money quickly to take them through a temporary cash crisis until the outstanding invoices are paid. That is where Invoice Finance Services comes in.

The website allows firms to take their outstanding invoices and use them as collateral for short-term loans. All kinds of companies cansecure funds in this way, and do so quickly. Loans can be arranged for up to 90% of the value of the invoice.

Importantly, the new Invoice Finance Services website allows companies to compare the deals on offer from several invoice-factoring providers. It is a free service that provides no obligation quotes. Once the loan is agreed, the funds are usually made available within 24hrs.
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