NEW JERSEY - Website design, New Jersey Company, has done it again! The company recently performed a well-deserved makeover for a major newspaper in the city and helped it achieve tremendous results. The newspaper is now a huge part of the social media landscape as a result.

Newspapers though, less popular with the advent of ‘on the go’ news generators still happen to be the primary source of information for many. People keep going back to newspapers because of the fact that they are more comfortable with this format which continues to be the most accurate source of current affairs and news pertaining to an area or city. which is considered a premium website design New Jersey Company has helped incorporate the popular ‘old paper’ theme because of its mobile responsiveness on the website for a leading newspaper in the city.

NJ Anton has helped launch the newspaper on a number of search engines and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. giving the newspaper a chance to tap into the potential of a wide reach. With this new avatar, the paper will be able to expand its reader base and also help local businesses flourish. Businesses which advertise in the newspaper will get an opportunity to use unique content to target higher sales.


NJ Anton has helped several others truly realize their potential and scope for success by maximizing avenues for online exposure. The company merges platforms such as pay per click marketing, social media management, website design and creation and search engine traffic analysis to give local businesses the boost they need to achiever the lion’s share in their respective niche markets. To read more about what this website design New Jersey Company can do for your business, log onto

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