Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 28 August 2013: Kids today are bombarded with so much material via the television and web that parents are starting to have a hard time teaching their children about good manners and proper values. It is the objective of IRONPOWER publishing to reintroduce the positive power of reading into the lives of kids today. 

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While many are already familiar with the timeless tale of Alice and her journey into Wonderland, there is now a new adventure for little Alice. In this version of the fairy tale, Alice embarks on an amazing voyage to Rock Candy Mountain — a place that’s overflowing with sweet goodies and treasure. The mountain is owned by Mr. Sugarplum and is joined by Alice to help find a way to restore happiness and love to the now cold and unpleasant Rock Candy Mountain. 

“Alice in Rock Candy Mountain – New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland Illustrated” is a bright and exciting new version of the classic fairy tale. The story intertwines a wondrous, light-hearted adventure with elements of comedy and morals like bravery, kindness and important lessons that any child will value. 

This interesting new take on the fairy tale is the brainchild of the authors Richard and Samantha Hargreaves and illustrations by Yuri Miyawaki. The story is to be released as a Kindle ebook making it easy to download, view and store. To make the reading and learning experience more interactive, IRONPOWER publishing has made available coloring book printouts which can be downloaded via their website for free. 

Alice in Rock Candy Mountain” is a story about every day courage and kindness. It talks about how every single person, no matter who they are can make a difference by helping. All of us face challenges here and there, but what we all must realize is that if we stay brave, show kindness, and do the right thing, everything will be ok in the end” says Richard. 

Alice in Rock Candy Mountain ebook is available on Amazon Kindle Store for $2.99 and is delivered via the Amazon Whispernet.