Homeowners that have poor credit scores or have been turned down by the banks now have an alternative source of financing. London Mortgage Shop is now available to act as their private mortgage lenders in London Ontario. The company has been providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to clients who are faced with power of sale, foreclosure or need a second mortgage and have bad credit.

London Mortgage Shop takes pride in delivering the best possible services to clients utilizing the most suitable credit repair solutions. The company is one of the most trusted private mortgage lenders that will closely look and pay attention to clients’ specific requirements. The company makes it a point that every client is treated and served based on their individual mortgage needs.

Clients are assured that the right mortgage solutions are exclusively designed for them. Individuals looking for the right private mortgage lenders to refinance their existing mortgage or to help them with any scenario including bad credit mortgages, London Mortgage Shop is the company they can trust. Even if clients are buying their second home and in need of a second mortgages or bridge financing, our mortgage broker use all its available resources to help clients reach their goals.

London Mortgage Shop is comprised of mortgage specialists that concentrate on clients with self-employed income and bad credit scores. Our mortgage agents have access to more than 200 private mortgage lenders and can offer our clients financial solutions that other lenders cannot provide. Our private mortgage lenders are based in the London area and have a good knowledge of the local real estate market. They also want to help hardworking individuals get through any financial difficulties and have their income and bad credit mortgages issues resolved.

London Mortgage Shop has an application process is simple and quick. The company is able to secure mortgages for clients that are affordable. They provide mortgage solutions with reliable financial institutions that cater to individuals that self employed and have bad credit. The company can offer clients first, second mortgages and loans and even third loans if necessary. Even if clients are few months behind in their present mortgage payments they need not despair, London Mortgage Shop can help. If clients have particular concerns or questions, they can contact a mortgage broker immediately and they can answer any questions related to mortgages.

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