We always try to design our application by keeping user-experience in mind, likewise we always wanted to make our website user friendly so that user can easily navigate our website and have better browsing experience.

So last month we got a new look for CodePorting.com.  You can browse its page right now to see the new look yourself.  Its very appealing, web 2.0 oriented and rich in content. To save your time from going through the lengthy pages we have put just the right content in our product pages.  Along with meaningful content we have some cool graphics to make your stay at CodePorting.com a nice experience.

New Codeporting website has made it easier to use the social media platform.  We have also added a video tour at Codeporting.com.

In short, the new look of CodePorting.com is just the beginning, we are planning to release our application user interface very soon.  That would reduce the learning curve and would make our new and existing users to use CodePorting Apps more productively.

Newly added articles and documentation pages

Overview:   CodePorting C#2Java App

CodePorting helps you make your .NET applications cross platform compatible and allows migrating your .NET solutions, projects and files into Java in the cloud. Other than speed and accuracy of conversion; port your C# code directly either by uploading .cs files contained in a .zip file or import directly from popular version control repositories like GIT, Mercurial HG and SubVersion. You can also download a Microsoft Visual Studio plugin and convert C# code in the real time without leaving the development environment. You may also build your own customized code conversion applications using CodePorting APIs.

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