October 10, 2013 — A set of 216 small magnetic beads can give new wings to one’s imagination. These magnetic balls or buckyballs are attracted towards each other mutually and can give way to numerous shapes. Thus, one can create countless new designs and patterns and can have an exciting as well as an imaginative leisure time. Now, The-Buckyballs.com introduces luminous magnetic balls or balls in different sets of colors which can be even more exciting to play with and create countless new shapes. 

The glowing magnetic balls introduced by them can be visible in the dark and it could be more fun and exciting for a person to create new shining shapes. These tiny ball sets can help explore a mysterious intelligence of a human being and thus can be a perfect gift idea to please someone. Besides, being a perfect companion for a creative and imaginative leisure time, these bucky balls can have several types of other benefits too. 

The website maintains that these magnetic balls can be used as an educational tool for people to help understand geometry and mathematics in a rather intuitive manner. One can learn the practical aspects about different geometrical shapes. “It could be a fun way of learning. Different colors can be used for showing different elements of geometrical shapes. That’s the specialty of our colorful buckyballs,” maintains the spokesperson of the company. 

These magnetic beads are becoming increasingly popular among the modern population. Being a cool gifting item, they are fast reaching person to person and people come to know about its advantages. Many find these magnet toys as a good stress buster to release emotions. One can creatively engage his/her mind distracting it from the stress or tension. Thus, The-Buckyballs.com feels that these magnetic balls can be a ‘must have’ tool or toy for the modern generation. 

The website is currently shipping its products to a large number of customers and the demand is growing fast with the growing awareness of the product. Not only for an entertainment, but these can be used for creative exploration and stimulating reasoning abilities of human beings. They invite people to have a glimpse of their luminous and colorful magnetic toys on the website http://www.the-buckyballs.com . 

About The-Buckyballs.com 

The-Buckyballs.com is a magnet ball specialist, supplying a variety of buckyballs toys since 2011. Over the years the company has developed the capability and expertise in developing different types of magnet toys such as luminous buckyballs and colorful buckyballs. 

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