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New Lenox, Il, 10/10/2015 — there is a holistic health machine that can prevent breast cysts, destroy breast cysts, prevent breast cancer, possibly cure breast cancer.
The machine is called the Miracle Rife Machine, including the optional Miracle Wand.
This machine along with 200 other holistic health machines is sold by Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
Many women develop cysts in their breast. Most of these women develop cysts in their breast many times over. If the cysts are small, according to the medical establishment, they are most likely not dangerous.
If the cysts are large, and you have been several they need to be drained, and sometimes the women needed a biopsy to make sure it is not cancerous.
However, some women get tired of the discomfort of the cyst. They also get tired of the draining, the biopsies, and when they need to be surgically removed.
According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC there is a much easier and probably safer solution to all the above.
The woman would need to purchase the Miracle Rife Machine, including the optional Miracle Rife Wand.
The user uses the rife machine to prevent and or treat cancer if she already has it.
The Miracle Rife Wand is to be placed over the cyst's areas and over several treatments of 30 minutes, each cyst, or lumps will shrink and in many cases be destroyed on totally gone.
Summary: Miracle Alternatives, LLC is considered the leader within the holistic health care industry.
They do have several female customers purchasing the Miracle Rife Machine for the same reasons mentioned in this press release. Furthermore, rife machines have been around since the 1930s and many times over have proven to treat hundreds of unwanted health conditioned including life-threatening health conditions.
About Miracle Alternatives, LLC: Miracle Alternatives, LLC has been in business since 2013.
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The success stories are representative outcomes. However, there are no guarantees, promises, representations and/or assurances concerning the level of future results.
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Learn more about Breast Cysts from studies from the Mayo Clinic.
Breast Cysts
Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs inside the breast, which are usually not cancerous (benign). You can have one or many breast cysts, and they can happen in one or both breasts. They're often described as round or oval lumps with distinct edges. A breast cyst usually feels like a grape or a water-filled balloon, but sometimes a breast cyst feels firm.
Breast cysts don't require treatment unless a cyst is large and painful or uncomfortable. In that situation, draining the fluid from a breast cyst can ease symptoms.
Breast cysts are common in women before menopause, between ages 35 and 50. However, they can be found in women of any age. They can also occur in postmenopausal women taking hormone therapy.
By Mayo Clinic Staff
Breast cysts may be found in one or both breasts. Signs and symptoms of a breast cyst include:
A smooth, easily movable round or oval lump with distinct edges (which typically, though not always, indicates it's benign)
Nipple discharge that may be clear, yellow, straw colored or dark brown.
Breast pain or tenderness in the area of the breast lump
Increase in breast lump size and breast tenderness just before your period
Decrease in breast lump size and resolution of other symptoms after your period
Having breast cysts doesn't increase your risk of breast cancer. However, having cysts may make it more difficult to find new breast lumps or other changes that might need evaluation by your doctor. Be familiar with how your breasts normally feel so that you'll know when something changes.
When to see a doctor
Normal breast tissue often feels lumpy or nodular. However, if you feel any new breast lumps that persist after a menstrual period, or if an existing breast lump grows or changes, see your doctor right away.
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