Airwheel, as a brand targeting global market, sells its products to more than 50 countries such as the U.S., Germany, Britain and France. Following Series “X”, “Q” and “S”, Airwheel introduced “A” series, i.e., A3, in its 2015 new product release conference. A3 is more suitable for sibbuce intelligent urban commuting.

Compared with Airwheel S5, an SUV scooter, released in the recent release conference, Airwheel A3 is mainly designed for better urban riding experience. Equipped with 16 inch large wheel hubs and imported 520WH lithium battery, it can cover up to about 65km, or around 50km indeed. Quite a few riders may feel tired on a standing-posture scooter for such a long trip, so A3 is designed with a saddle. Easier and less laborsome, it is for long-distance trips in cities. With a color combination of white, silver and orange, it is fashionable, low-profile and vibrant.

Airwheel A3 also incorporates a variable-speed design, indicating that the maximum safe speed can be changed based on individual needs. Riding therefore can be freer and more humanized.

When riding a traditional electric self-balancing scooter, a rider brakes through control of the center of gravity, in a similar way to accelerating, moving forward or making a turn. Airwheel A3, however, has made a breakthrough in this aspect. With an intelligent braking system, the scooter will give a braking response within 0.5s when a user presses down the e-brake button and will not more forward for over 50cm due to inertia. At the same time, the user will keep his/her body backward at 10° elevation. Such a braking system can prevent potential accidents caused by mis-operation in braking; besides, e-brake is more accurate and swift than control of the center of gravity.

Airwheel intelligent two-wheeler A3 has a design not limited to short-haul travelling but tallying with the need of popular travelling consumer market. To be selected and evaluated by the public, it makes a good start for integration of special-interest balancing scooters into popular daily life.

One may as well select an Airwheel sitting-posture balancing scooter A3 for an easy ride.

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