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As the state of the UK’s dairy farming industry remains a hot topic across industry and mainstream media, Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, emphasises how it can save farmers money through bulk buying and large-scale storage of liquids and chemicals.

With milk now at some of its lowest prices in recent years, press sources are quick to point out how a pint of milk can now be purchased for less than a can of branded cola, a bottle of spring water and other popuar household consumables.  The overall state of the country’s farming industry is regularly conveyed as increasingly precarious by the NFU and it is reported that in some instances, farmers are now selling their milk at less than it costs to produce it.

With a surplus of milk and milk producers throughout the globe, more and more UK dairy farmers are being forced to withdraw from the industry.  As public opposition to dairy farmers’ predicament increases, one UK supermarket, Morrison’s, has listened to the public and plans to shortly launch a new brand of milk that will ensure that 10 pence extra reaches the dairy farmers.

Dairy farmers can make additional savings by implementing improved liquid and chemical storage methods.  The most notable is rainwater harvesting, an increasingly popular means to clawing-back savings over mains water supplies.  Rainwater run-off from large agricultural buildings that would otherwise have fed into drainage systems, is stored in Enduramaxx rainwater tanks; rugged tanks made from UV-stabilised polyethylene, a material that ensures rainwater is kept safely and securely.

In addition to rainwater tanks, dairy farmers can also make bulk-buying savings through the storage of large volumes of pre-mixed liquid fertiliser.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks and built to the same high standards as the aforementioned water tanks and ensure that their precious contents are protected from spillage and from the elements.

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