A British mobile development company has recently released a smartphone app, which will help cyclists indulging in Alpine mountain biking adventures to not only find their way around, but also share their experiences with like-minded people via the Internet.

Created in partnership with a leading brand of outdoor adventure clothing, and based on a pre-existing and best-selling app, this new program is exclusively aimed at cyclists exploring France, and should prove very useful both for those on Alpine mountain biking tours and those pedalling elsewhere in the country.

The app, available for free download and compatible with Apple products and most Android phones, allows cyclists on Alpine mountain biking tours — as well as other adventurers exploring France — to plan and map out their holiday. It also serves as a GPS. On the more social side of things, riders can record their best holiday videos or photos and share them with the cycling community in-app. Low-cost subscription-based topographic map services are also available, ensuring this is the most complete app for bicycle enthusiasts exploring France. Furthermore, the company in charge of developing the software is constantly working to update its map database, and has struck partnerships with numerous local entities and companies to effect that.

Even so early in its lifetime, this app already comes highly recommended, after its France-specific incarnation was picked up for testing by a fire fighting station in the Haute-Savoie region. Other Search and Rescue organisations around the country were quick to follow suit, ensuring this software already has a positive reputation despite its youthful existence. The program’s credentials are also cemented by the fact that its more general predecessor is one of the most downloaded ‘map’ apps, with over three million users obtaining it from the Apple, Android and Amazon stores since its inception. The software in question has also been presented with a prestigious industry award earlier this year, giving riders even more confidence when exploring this new, France-only version.

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