Dover, DE — Dec 01, 2015 — Natasha Edwards, spokesperson for Naressa, announced that the firm’s new callus remover is now available exclusively on Amazon. The corn, crack and callus remover utilizes pressure lock technology that prevents damage and injury to feet if individuals inadvertently apply too much pressure when beautifying their feet.

“Our new callus remover is a great way to begin a new foot care routine or improve on a regimen that’s already in place,” said Edwards.

The Naressa callus remover utilizes replaceable rolling heads spinning at 30 revolutions per second to gently exfoliate dead skin, smooth cracks and remove calluses. The device comes with a cleaning brush, a coarse head and an additional extra coarse head. It removes the danger of cut and damaged skin from scrapers and is more effective than ordinary pumice stones.

Ill-fitting footwear, improper walking patterns and high-heeled shoes all contribute to the formation of corns and calluses on the feet. The potential exists for a callus to develop anywhere there is regular and sustained friction on the foot. In some instances, the friction is subtle, causes little discomfort, and individuals don’t realize a problem exists until the callus becomes fairly large or bacteria enters and causes an infection.

The electronic Naressa callus remover offers an easy and effective way to address calluses before they become a problem. The device also works to smooth dry, cracked heels that commonly affect people with diabetes. Cracked heels can occur from frequent and chronic dehydration or even very hot showers and baths, making it imperative to create a routine of pampering that also helps keep feet healthy.

The callus remover is ergonomically designed to provide individuals with a secure grip that allows them to reach even the most difficult areas of their feet, an especially important aspect for those with arthritis and similar conditions. The callus remover glides easily over feet for an enjoyable at-home foot care experience.

Naressa’s new callus remover is now available on Amazon, providing consumers around the globe with an easy to use means of obtaining smooth feet that are healthier and free of unsightly corns, calluses and cracks. The callus remover comes with everything needed to pamper feet with luxury.

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