Brazil - When the Neymar who was a 12-year-old boy in Brazilian coastal city of Santos obsessed with football, he had painted his football shoes with the gold color. Today, Nike introduced with this Brazilian star the stunning new golden version of the Nike Hypervenom boots which help him get good scores in this summer football event. Recently, the official blog of famous Soccer Pro Direct UK online seller Soccer Pro Direct published the news about the releasing of the gold Nike Hypervenom boots for Neymar.

¡°When we first saw Neymar, he told us he sprayed his shoe into gold color when he was 12 years old because he always wanted to get a pair of golden soccer shoes but he could not find a suitable pair in any case.¡± said the Nike design director Dennis Deco Popovich.

This famous Nike designer also expressed his words that the biggest challenge is to make the gold color look with a perfect sense of spraying. So, they have closely worked together with Neymar to maximize recover the gold color of his childhood memories. Finally, both of these were very satisfied with the final design.

This is the special edition of Hypervenom Phantom that has very unique detail on the insole has a unique, which is a gold spray paint cans and a poison front. These patterns could help to show with people the story behind the design of this new Nike shoe.

The creation of the Nike Hypervenom should be a better response to the new development of the football match. The editor from famous cheap football boots online seller cheap Nike Soccer Shoes said that most of today¡¯s players want to become faster which not only means more the simple running faster, but also means that the processing speed of the ball in tight spaces also become faster.

The upper surface of the Nike Hypervenom adopts the new NIKESKIN system. NIKESKIN applies the combination of soft mesh material and polyurethane film and then this combination will be added the Nike ACC Technology which should be the so called All Conditions Control technology. ACC technology could help to totally ensure the better football controlling level whether it is in wet or dry weather conditions.

Overall speaking, this new Neymar version gold color Nike Hypervenom has very featured technician content and many other strong points that could fully meet with the demand of each high required football fans . If people want to know more information about this new series football boots, please do not hesitate to get contact with Soccer Pro Direct.

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