August 16, 2015 United Kingdom- Philippe Jacquet and Associates are pleased to announce that they are providing new online counseling & psychotherapy services from their Harley Street office in London, where both their new and existing clients will be able to participate in therapy sessions and counseling from just any part of the world through Skype.

The benefits of online services for psychotherapy & counseling have been well documented in several researches, and they have proved to be as equally effective as the face-to-face sessions. In fact, very soon BUPA will also start offering its Skype sessions to clients situated in different locations. In order to benefit from this new revolutionary online service, all a client has to do is send Philippe Jacquet and Associates an email and they will set an initial time to meet.

Their online services will be completed on Skype, which happens to be the same platform that will be used by the BUPA online services. It really doesn’t matter if a client is from a different time zone or country because Philippe Jacquet & Associates can organize appointments that best suits the needs of client, counselor & therapist.

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