Private Investigator Ed Opperman , the investigative reporter that hosts The Opperman Report Radio Show Friday nights 5 PM PST has just added a 'Members Only' podcast section to the shows web site

"The members section is already a huge success" declares Opperman. "We have already made international news with some of our interviews that are only available to subscribers in the members section"

Hank Harrison, father of Courtney Love came on and alleged that Countney Love had a teen age relationship with an adult CIA agent. Also that she was involved in under age child sex trafficking.

Other topics covered pan from the "The party Dungeon of Adnon Khasoggi" to an examination into the life of Fomer FBI agent Ted Gunderson and an extremely rare interview with Dr Dale Griffis an expert on the occult that testified in the West Memphis Three trial of Damian Echols. The interview covers the tragic murder of three eight year old boys that was featured in the HBO reality TV movie Paradise Lost: The Child Murder at Robin Hood Hills.

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