A new law firm will be opening its doors in Guelph in the near future. The law firm will specialize in personal injury and will have six areas of practice. In addition to their opening in Guelph, the firm will also launch a website to provide easy access to information about their services to citizens in Guelph. Urban areas like Guelph create living situations where anyone could be subject to personal injury, and this law firm is opening to provide more options to Guelph citizens who are victims of wrongful injury.

About Guelph’s Newest Personal Injury Firm

The new law firm will specialize in a variety of practice areas relating to personal injury. Workers who are struggling to receive full compensation for an injury they suffered on the job can take their claim to this firm in order to fight for proper workers’ comp. Victims of car and biking accidents will also be able to find an attorney for their case at the new firm. They cover lesser known personal injury categories as well, including slip and fall accidents and animal attacks such as dog bites. Guelph citizens who have lost a loved one to wrongful death can also have their case handled by the firm’s attorneys. For accident victims who are unsure about the validity of their claim, the personal injury firm will offer free case evaluations. They will also have payment plan options for clients who would otherwise struggle to afford legal counsel.

The newest personal injury lawyer Guelph specializes in six practice areas: work-related injury, car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, animal attacks, and wrongful death. They will open their doors to the community soon, as well as unveil their new website for people to learn more about their practice. Details about the firm’s services and staff will be available online.

More details at http://www.personalinjurylawyerguelph.ca/.

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