June 9, 2014: Users of iPhone and iPads can now download an exciting bubble popping game for free from the iTune store. Developed by Shmuel Cohen, this “POP 200” game can be played on devices loaded with iOS 6.0 or later versions. The game is simple to understand and even small kids can find it very exciting for their fun and entertainment. It requires to pop 200 bubbles that appear on screen. There are several types of twists and jerks that are added to make the game more interesting and exciting.

The developer of the game is very confident that the game will go viral and more and more people will download it for free to turn their leisure time more enjoyable. “When parents want their kids to stay at a place peacefully and comfortably, this game could be a good way to keep them engaged,” the developer reveals. Since the game is simple to play with an obvious target of capturing 200 bubbles appearing on screen, one would find it more interesting. At the same time, there are several features that make the game more challenging. For example, it starts easier, but with each 50 bubbles, the game becomes harder, as the speed of the bubbles increases.

Besides offering a simple, but exciting game play, players can also appreciate its cool music and amazing sound effects that multiply the gaming experience. The game is available in three modes of Easy, Medium and Hard, and a player needs to develop some skills before trying their hand on Medium or Hard version. One needs to learn to avoid popping “Toxic” bubbles. And if someone pops up this bubble accidently, the game will come to an end. Then there are Bonus bubbles as well that can bring certain kinds of bonuses for the players. There are lots of different aspects that make the game challenging as well as exciting.

After the end of the game, players will have an opportunity to share their score on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The social sharing option makes the game even more exciting and it encourages friends and peers to participate in the game and try to beat each other’s score. All these exciting features are going to make this free iOS game more popular in the coming times. One can download it for free by following the link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pop200/id873934009?mt=8.

About POP 200

POP 200 is a free, cool and fun iPhone/iPad Game for people of all ages. The game is simple and addictive like other games from iTunes. One can download the game for free from the iTune Store.

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