Armory Mancini, an Italian online shopping site for weapons, ammunition and gun accessories has recently unveiled a new line of products on the site. As per the information provided by the site’s spokesperson the new products includes items such as headsets, 8 mm CK8 ammunitions, superdome pellets, loader rifles, rifle adapters, and so on. The spokesperson remarked, “By making all these new items available for sale, our site has now extended the assortment of weapons and accessories. We hope that our customers will be delighted to notice more options when they visit and shop on our website.”


He then added, “Interested buyers can simply visit our site and then browse through the products to see their prices and their features as well. We have tried our best to offer the products at quite reasonable rates. Through this we hope to enhance our sales and satisfy more and more customers.”


As per sources, the website of Armory Mancini is the ultimate online pit stop for shooters and hunters. Founded in the early 1990s, the online company offers products only from the most reliable brands in the weapons and accessories manufacturing industry such as Perazzi, Browning, Remington, Zoli, and Benelli. The website also specializes in clothing, fireworks, night vision glasses, gun salutes, rifle optics, and varied sorts of ammunitions, and so forth. They also have a brick and mortar store located in Via Rivo Fontanelle, San Marino.


For those who order the products from their online site the goods are normally delivered in 2-4 days, as shared by the spokesperson. Moreover, he maintained, all orders that are shipped to San Marino and Mainland Italy will come at a cost of additional 9 Euros.


Later on, the spokesperson passed on further comments which hinted that more new products will be launched in the coming weeks and hence requested everyone to check their website occasionally. For more details go to


About Armeria Mancini


It is an Italian company that specializes in the sale of weapons, ammunitions, accessories, hunting equipments, items and clothing. It was started in the year 1991 in the province of San Marino.


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