Charlottesville, VA --Have you been worrying about your drinking and want to make this new year the time you finally quit drinking alcohol and take back control of your life.

Maybe you have been thinking about cutting down on drinking or maybe you want to stop drinking totally. If you are among the many who just can't say NO to a drink or who can't STOP drinking once you start, that is a problem. A big problem.

No Meetings or Groups
Fortunately, there is a new program to help people who want to stop drinking alcohol and who want to do it on their own. Alcohol Free Forever can help those who want to take a do-it-yourself approach to stopping alcohol use. While no one can deny the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous, many just do not respond well to a group setting or do not have the time to attend meetings.

The trademarked program is delivered via Internet and provides structure, education and support to help you stop using alcohol. It is currently reviewed in more depth on the health website

One of the main contentions of the program is that it is possible to give up drinking and it does not have to be complicated or all that difficult.

And a great feature is that you don't have to go into a treatment center where you will easily drop thousands of dollars at the same time missing work and family obligations. And you won't have the awkward stigma of having been away in rehab to explain at work or to friends.

Alcohol Free Forever is a multi-pronged approach to sobriety that will:

* Teach you how to take charge of your thoughts and feelings

* Show you how to change the beliefs that keep you addicted

* Allow you to quickly recognize when a relapse is about to happen

* Encourage you to take care of your body so you can overcome the damage alcoholism has caused

* Reward you with an enjoyment of life without drinking

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