New publication reviews 2015 top news in poetry and also gives a perspective on burning issues for 2016 and beyond in wit and verse using unorthodox creative styles to interest people in the art of poetry to provoke thought that should encourage people to embrace life in its fullness.

Brooklyn, New York - In Times Like These: Forty Riveting Interpretations is a kindle-book and soon to be release audio-book publication on Amazon, I-tunes and Audible. It’s both a year in review and a new year’s prospective in poetry using literary creative forms

It features top events, people and issues including:
A satirical work on the Campaign for presidency and the leading billionaire candidate prospective, the Ebola epidemic the proverbial bullet that overall missed us.

The crime and violence in the community and relations with law enforcement,the rise of a new global power to the forefront, the continued specter of terrorism that shadows life on the planet, the grand coming out of transgender to take their place in society as a whole, the resurgence of an old rivalry between east and western Europe.

And even the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous that make people thank God they are unknown.

Also features on the personal and collective concerns that we have to confront in the future including:
The conservation of our planet to benefit our children in the future, the involvement of major churches in the woes of the common person going forward, The rise of complex and determined terrorists and its effect on personal privacy, the growing national debt and its effect on our lives, the need to rectify the burden of healthcare in society, the battle of how to deal with illegal immigrants which puts a strain on relations, corruption in high places that threatens to bring down whole societies, just to name a few.

This collection of poetry uses classical and Shakespearean styles like sonnets and rhymes, to express such topics like violence and crime and conservation, a ballad on torture, burlesques on Billionaires, narrative on the national debt, there is a haiku on animal rights, Elegy on deceased celebrities, Epic poem on an athlete, satire on serious societal issues like privacy rights and immigration. Allegorical pieces dealing with political and scientific topics with dancing dragons and Rosetta Probe. The poetry is also set in motion to interest a broader audience with pieces on sport events like World Cup soccer, Ode to an athlete.

This unorthodox approach of using witty poetry and other literary creative devices to deal with the ills and thrills of society allows for broader appeal for poetry, amusement and leisure so that people will be better able to deal with life.

Wayne Barnes is a writer who believes traditional poetry should be relevant not only for the academic but also for the everyday person to enjoy and appreciate so that poetry could be one of the arts aiding in the proper development of the society.

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