London; 05, December 2015: With four new types of magnetic wallcoverings, Magscapes is offering people to create magnetic interactive spaces in homes, offices and other commercial spaces. According to the spokesperson of the company, the following four product ranges for the year 2016 will now be available for customers:

- MagPrint - the unique printable wallcovering for custom images or maps

- MagLiner - a versatile liner that can be covered with any fabric, wallpaper or print

- MagWrite - a gloss or matt writeable wallcovering for use with dry erase pens and projectors

- MagPaintable - a white ready-primed wallcovering for direct painting to match any colourway

MagPrint was originally invented by Magscapes in 2006 as world’s first magnetic wallpaper. The new range of MagPrint will now witness more unique choices for anyone to beautify the looks and appeal of the walls. The new product range has been developed to create magnetic walls that are more vibrant and more interactive rather than a static display. The company aims at broadening the appeal of the walls with new magnetic paints, panels and plasters for a range of applications in different built spaces.

A magnetic wall with custom prints and magnets looks highly appealing and will going to be a popular trend in the coming years. More importantly, Magscapes brings wallcoverings that are easier to handle and install. Moreover, the new inventions aim at improving the magnetic and surface performance. For example, the MagPaintable collection offers a magnetic paint for direct painting so that it can be in sync with the colorful home décor of a building. It helps maintain the smoothness and vibrancy of the interiors.

According to the spokesperson, Magscapes believes in custom prints and shapes and their magnetic wall map will offer a better customization choice. The magnetic maps and images are perfectly suitable to transform the looks of a child’s room and add more liveliness to it. The spokesperson reveals that the MagWrite is an innovative product for creating writable wallcoverings with the magnetic dry erase pen. Customers can learn more about their magnetic wallcoverings for 2016 on their website

About Magscapes:

MagScapes is focused on using magnetism to improve people's lives applying continuous research and development in the world of Interiors. Magnetic wallpaper was an idea first conceived by product designer Patricia Adler in 2003 with entrepreneur Jeremy Lee. Together, they combined 'magnetic' and 'landscapes' to create 'MagScapes' the product, brand and company. MagScapes is now the 'go to' place for specifiers, architects and interior designers seeking interior materials that work with magnets

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