The report gives a sneak peak of what those 8 key factors are that are holding bloggers from making big profits, and how they can deal with these factors in order to bring in more income!

July 8, 2015, Canada- Ivan Ho, author and founder of IMV Business Inc( and his team have recently released a new report that outlines the toughest challenges faced by bloggers while trying to make money with their blogs. Besides this, the report reveals how Ivan and his team have succeeded in helping a group of struggling bloggers make thousands of dollars every month with their proven and tested technique.

As Ivan summarizes; “Well my team and I have developed a separate and specialized body of knowledge on how to make money blogging from all different types of markets and niches and generate $5000 to $20,000 a month online. We've put this knowledge into a brand new 3 part video series that shows you how to deploy some of these strategies quickly so you can start making money right away. “

According to the report, Ivan Ho and his team are working on a process with a goal to help 1,000 bloggers earn a 6 figure income with the blogs in 2015. In order to streamline this process, they started with a group of 127 struggling bloggers, and asked them: "What's the toughest challenges they faced when trying to monetize and make money with their blogs?" After 2 days of session, they succeeded in uncovering 8 main problems which most bloggers face while trying to earn money from a blog. Ivan and his team corrected these 8 main areas and implemented some of their simple yet effective techniques. The results were staggering!  Almost 80% of the bloggers from the test group witnessed an immediate boost in revenue that went from few hundred bucks a month to over $2000, $5,000 and some even went beyond $10,000.

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About Ivan Ho
Hailing from Canada, Ivan Ho is the author and founder of IMV Business Inc, which is one of the leading online marketing consulting firms, that guides businesses and individuals on how to make profits online while using real strategies and tools.