Orlando, FL— July 3, 2015 — Osteoarthritis is one of the arthritis conditions that makes patients suffer. It is associated with aging and is often considered to be a “wear and tear” disease. However, it seems that aging is not only the most common cause of the condition.

New research found that Type 2 diabetes patients are more likely to suffer from severe osteoarthritis. There are many people around the world who are suffering from diabetes, and this news can be alarming considering the two conditions can cause negatively life-changing effects.

According to the study published in Diabetes Care, Type 2 diabetes can double one’s risk of developing severe osteoarthritis that often requires a joint replacement procedure. Age and BMI, or body mass index, which refers to the relationship of weight to height, are very well-known risk factors for the occurrence of OA, or osteoarthritis.

Georg Schett, M.D., the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg’s chief of rheumatology and director of the Department of Internal Medicine, stated that the data in the study demonstrated diabetes, body mass index and age were the strong and independent risk factors for joint failure. He also added that one of the strengths of the study was its lengthy and comprehensive patient follow-up.

The researchers thoroughly reviewed the medical records of over 900 non-diabetic and diabetic patients for more than 20 years. The participants were examined every five years and the study outcome was focused on joint replacement surgery. It was found that in the diabetic group there were 13 people, and 73 subjects in the non-diabetic group, who needed either hip or knee replacement due to severe osteoarthritis.

“It is important to note that the number of patients in the diabetic group was comparatively small. There are only 69 diabetic patients and 858 non-diabetic patients,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

It was also found that those who needed total joint replacement for the non-diabetic group were only 5.3 percent, while in the diabetic group, it was 17.7 percent, which is more than three times greater. The researchers also took into account certain risk factors such as body mass index and age, and when they did, they found that those who suffered from Type 2 diabetes were more likely to need joint replacement surgery than those who did not suffer from the condition.

According to Dr. Schett, it can be that high cholesterol and obesity are risk factors of osteoarthritis. People can significantly increase their protection from symptomatic joint disease if they are able to effectively manage their metabolic syndrome.

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