Great Lakes Dental is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new Sarnia Dental Centre in April 2015. Dr. Jennifer Thomm’s goal is to provide only the highest quality dental services to the residents of Sarnia-Lambton and other nearby communities. Located in Unit B-1323 Michgan Ave, Sarnia, our office provides general, family and cosmetic dentistry services for both adults and children. Services include: root canal treatments, dental cleanings, invisalign, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, dentures, fillings and many other. The office will focus is on providing each of our patient’s with the only the highest level of dental care with convenient hours, flexible payment arrangements and in-office comforts.

The dental office will provide our patients with customized dentistry and a focus on satisfying the needs of each and every patient. The philosophy which guides Dr. Jennfier Thomm and her associates is to provide quality service and personalized patient care. Dr. Jennifer Thomm aims to provide each patient dentistry and hygiene that will give them a radiant smile that they’ll be proud of for many years to come.

Dr. Jennifer Thomm’s new Sarnia Dental Office includes some of the most modern dental equipment available in the industry. Technology includes: CAD/CAM CEREC in-office restoration system, allowing patients the opportunity to have a broken tooth or cosmetic procedure completed in as little as one-hour. Dr. Thomm also offers digital x-rays, Vibe comfort system, iPads in each room, satellite TV in each room, kids programming, Ipods, complimentary wi-fi, free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and snacks. Patients will find the during their appointments, we offer many amenities to keep you feeling relaxed, entertained and most of all; comfortable.

Great Lakes Dental includes a team of highly experienced dental professionals led by Dr. Jennifer Thomm, a graduate of Western University with an honours degree in Genetics and Case Western Reserve Universities’ faculty of Dentistry.  Every employee at Great Lakes Dental comes from an background that includes specific dental training. All of our employees are at a minimum level 2 certified Dental Assistants, many are also Registered Dental Hygienists and/or Registered Restorative Dental Hygienists. Our approach of having all staff trained as level 2 CDA’s and/or RDH’s mean that we can offer each patient enhanced dental care while also improving their overall experience. Same day lab services allow us to offer convenient denture services in our facility, ranging from denture repairs to complete dentures.

For those patients who may experience fear during their dental treatment, we go one step further by offering Nitrous Oxide, preloaded audio relaxation, in-office entertainment, Dental Vibe comfort injection system and other various other comforting techniques.

Great Lakes Dental is open 5 days a week ad we offer a 24/7 contact line to deal with any after-hours emergency situations. Our staff at Great Lakes Dental is highly trained to deal with all types of dental issues including simple consultations to dental emergencies. Patients can walk in at anytime to consult Dr. Jennifer Thomm regarding simple tips of how to take better care of their teeth. We also welcome emergencies that can’t be attended to by other local dental offices. Regardless of the severity or nature of the problem, Dr. Jennifer Thomm and her team will be able to supply the perfect attention and skill required to resolve the issue.

Great Lakes Dental provides a caring and comforting environment for both adults and children. Dr. Jennifer Thomm and her team not only provide high quality dental care, they also offer it in an setting of warmth and friendliness. Our goal is to ensure complete patient satisfaction in every single interaction. Dentistry does not need to be thought of as an unpleasant experience, at Great Lakes Dental you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and looking your best.

Great Lakes Dental offers our patients a number of flexible payment options, including direct billing. Our patients can choose payment options that are most convenient for them and direct billing ensures that you can also save time and money. Dental claims are sent electronically to your individual insurance carrier and you won’t need to worry about paying out of pocket for services covered under your plans.

Our new Sarnia Dental Office is perfect for anybody who may be seeking dentistry services in Sarnia — Lambton and other nearby communities, such as Corunna, Petrolia, Brights Grove and Wallaceburg. Our high-quality of service, comfortable office, payment flexibility and convenience means that you’re able to receive the dental services you need when it’s needed most.

About Great Lakes Dental

Great Lakes Dental is led by Dr. Jennifer Thomm, a well-respected and long-serving Dentist of Sarnia — Lambton (since 2003). Dr. Jennifer Thomm and her team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of both oral health services and customer service. Great Lakes Dental offers all major dental services including: Root Canals, Cleanings, Fillings, Crowns, Invisalign, Zoom Whitening, Bridges, Sealants, Smile Makeovers and more. Dr. Jennifer Thomm and her team pride themselves on offering each and every patient with top-notch dentistry in a relaxed & comfortable spa-like setting. Visit us today to learn how you easy it can be to have the smile and self-confidence you’ve always dreamed of.



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