Award winning short film director Dempsey Tillman has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in support of his ground-breaking sci-fi film-in-the-making “Red Light” that is inspired by real-life event of an alien abduction

04-10-2016 - West Hills based award winning short film director Dempsey Tillman has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his breakthrough sci-fi film-in-the-making “Red Light”. Developed by seasoned filmmakers, the film is based on a real-life event of an alien abduction. Tillman has already written the script and would be directing the film as well.

The crowdfunding campaign is aimed to raise around 960,000USD within a month.

“We are excited to bring to you a groundbreaking sci-fi film “Red Light”, which intriguingly, is based on a real life event of alien abduction. Alien-based films are no new but mostly these are based on fictitious plots while our film is looking forward to open up a new horizon by presenting a true extraterrestrial event which you will find hard to deny. The abductee’s story is something that must be presented on the huge silver screen so that you can get closer to the actual thrill as much as possible. We are hopeful that our film would be able to inspire many others having a similar experience to confidently come forward and share their stories. But such a breakthrough project cannot be completed without your help and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, stated Tillman while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

Back on 10th July, 2012, a Florida man was scrolling through his mobile phone videos and suddenly stumbles upon a video, which, much to his surprise, he could not recall ever recording. As he plays it, the video shows unrecognizable beings moving across his bedroom in the dark while he is sleeping, pinned to the bed & trapped in some taut silk-like cocoon. Hence starts a series of shocking unexplainable extraterrestrial encounters which are continued till today.

“Our film would dramatize the abductee’s story, interlacing with the real video which was recorded. Yes, initially we were skeptical about the reality of the video but a thorough expert analysis assured that unless the Florida man is some kind of VFX genius, this video actually speaks some unexplainable truth. We are hopeful that our film will be able to instill confidence in many others who have had some similar extraordinary experience yet did not have any tangible evidence to back the events.”

A great host of perks are waiting for the backers. These include- full access to all exclusive production updates & behind-the-scenes information, online digital copy of the film, DVD of Tillman’s previous award-winning short films, DVD of completed Red Light, cool movie-themed posters, Red Light t shirt, top secret signed screenplay of the movie, Red Light hoodie, the great honor of having name mentioned in Red Light credits and so on. Higher donations reaching $1000 would be rewarded with the awesome opportunity to spend an entire day with the Red Light crew and the backer would also get his/her name listed in the credits. Further donations summing to $3000 and $5000 would be awarded with the esteemed status of Red Light’s Associate Producer and Co-producer credits respectively.

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