Social Media Swag is now offering cheap Facebook likes for small businesses and entrepreneurs to augment their social media marketing efforts. With Facebook being the most popular social media site on the web today, small businesses and entrepreneurs have a tremendous means of reaching potential customers. Social Media Swag offers an inexpensive means of building a customer base by selling packages of “likes” for Facebook posts.

Different studies have shown that many people are unlikely to “like” a Facebook post unless it has already gathered many “likes” in the first place. This conundrum can be very difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to overcome, especially if they do not have the outside resources to help promote their Facebook efforts. SM Swag offers an inexpensive alternative by having four packages of “likes” that can be purchased. Such purchases help entice followers to “like” a Facebook post and in turn, have it seen by a much wider audience.

There are four different Facebook like packages offered by Social Media Swag. Each one is fully guaranteed and is delivered in three to seven business days depending on the size of the package ordered.

- Liked: 1,500 Likes for $19.95
- Popular: 3,000 Likes for $29.95
- Famous: 7,500 Likes for $39.95
- Ultimate: 12,000 Likes for $59.95

Each of these packages can be customized to provide a precise amount of followers that will make it even more attractive to potential customers. For more information about how to buy cheap Facebook likes from Social Media Swag, visit their website.

Steve Donahue
SM Swag
Newport Beach, CA, USA
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