Sharon Runi is known as the most sought after internet marketing consultant in the online women business community for helping women achieve total freedom and extraordinary results in their business, she recently received a powerful testimonial from her client Elizabeth Smith.

In the testimonial Elizabeth talks about how as a marketer and mother herself it is hard to find good worthwhile advice to follow, but Sharon Runi has offered her and her business the most brilliant and valuable advice she has ever received.

Elizabeth states, "Sharon’s insight and wisdom into what works and what doesn’t work is always right on target and her intuition is always way ahead of everyone else." She continues on saying, "Sharon Runi is the only marketing consultant she trusts to give her advice and the advice she gives is in orders of magnitude more valuable than the fee she charges."

Sharon Runi is famous for building and creating wildly successful profitable consulting business from scratch and quickly increasing profits with a system that attracts customers and clients, regardless of what’s happening in the economy.

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Sharon Runi is mother to two children currently resides in Kent, spending time consulting internet entrepreneurs as well as enterprise level businesses in promotional strategies online.