Frankfurt, Germany -- 24 August 2014 After only a month since its release, one anti-war song is quickly gaining traction online with the accompanying music video being featured on popular site,

“I didn’t expect so many views,” says Elkins, the musical artist behind the viral anti-war video ‘Candyland’. The music video is quickly climbing in views as seen on her official YouTube page.

Produced by Elkins herself on her very own laptop, this viral anti-war video has begun showing up on several websites online, including a feature by, a progressive and top liberal news site.

Elkins provided some exclusive comments about how the song came to be, stating “I wanted the songs lyrics to compare thoughtless passive views to plastic people living in a ‘Candyland’ of fantasy world. The videos imagery was something that was just as parallel to the song with images that attacked television propaganda and war.”

The song has become so popular online that Elkins is set to release a new remix on next month. The artist states that she is overwhelmed with the interest those in the music business about the new release.

Tabitha Elkins is a 37 year old artist from originally from New Jersey. Both singer and songwriter, Elkins writes and produces her own songs while playing all of the instruments herself. She's an artist known for her hard melodic sound and passion against war and TV propaganda. Currently unsigned, Elkins continues to write and create songs in her new home in Germany's wine region in Rheinhessen.

For media inquiries, individuals are encouraged to contact music artist, Tabitha Elkins directly at (+49) 6249-803-0657 or via email at, [email protected] To learn more about her, please visit: or .

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