Her Pow has recently released new pictures of their Organic Pretend Toy Food Set, and parents shopping on amazon.com have been blown away by the quality and variety revealed.

125 pieces, representing numerous foods of different health standards while covering all four food groups. The pictures tell all, showing the plastic food diversity that Her Pow has brought to the table with their new play food set. “Our [play food set] listing on Amazon needed some TLC,” said one of Her Pow’s spokespeople; “... so, we hired an exceptional photographer and took real pictures in HD.” 1500 by 1000 pixels, the images show every last detail of Her Pow’s pretend food for kids.

The new stock images show the organic fruits, organic veggies, eggs, milk, juices, canned vegetables, and more. The pictures also reveal the quality of the dyes used in the production process, for the colors of the food in the images are vibrant and playful. Furthermore, the quality of Her Pow’s play foods is shown in the texture of the play food pieces. While some companies may neglect this contributory qualitative factor, Her Pow ensures that their plastic foods have realistic and exaggerated texture to make them easily identifiable for young children.

Her Pow’s new stock images also reveal the organic toy food set’s packaging and box design. Her Pow has been completely transparent with their design by showing the new educational and fun toy’s product packaging which includes a list of all the included foods on the back. Also created in partnership with United States Artists, the box as well as play foods are high-quality custom designs you will not find anywhere else. The pictures clearly depict that the play food is pretend; therefore, children are less likely to attempt to eat the product. Her Pow does not recommend chewing on the play foods.

A picture is worth a thousand words, the company says. To see the trending pretend food play set on Amazon which is currently discounted for a limited time at $23.91, visit http://www.amazon.com/Toy-Food/dp/B01COI9EAC

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