Tampa, FL; 28, August 2015: A renewed focus on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been achieving momentum, even in the most unlikely of places.


There was a recent study conducted by Schneider Electric and the Alliance to Save Energy that proves this renewed focus on energy efficient products is growing in places that may not have been evaluated in the past. Their study found that nearly nine out of ten respondents believe that energy efficiency is of significant importance to fulfilling the core mission of U.S. higher education institutions. This study also revealed that eighty-eight percent of respondents believe that energy efficiency cuts costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and is the most fiscally responsible way to meet their requirements for energy.

Since there is an increased movement to find more energy efficient ways to cool and heat a business or home, there will be an increased focus on what products are the most efficient and economical to achieve this. Heat pumps may be a solution to efficiently and economically heat and cool a home or business rather than relying on conventional means to perform these tasks. Higher Education Institutions and those interested in saving energy and saving money may consider this option.

“Heat pumps are already an economical source of heating and cooling, providing equivalent space conditioning at one-quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances,” says the National Air Warehouse. “Within current industry standards, their energy efficiency is excellent and they are integral to a high quality of life for people around the world. As that world addresses global climate change, however, any innovation that reduces its negative impact on the planet is welcome.”

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