Radical new biofeedback super Coaster design raises significant ethical questions by putting riders in life and death situations.

Online PRESS RELEASE — 27-October-2015 — Phoenix , AZ — According to the inventor, a semi-retired Medical Specialist “Game changing” best describes the recently announced Matrix Force Super Coaster. “This radical new design (the technical innovation which inspired the [In Development] Thrill Rider Movie and graphic novel Thrill Rider) has the potential to significantly alter the multi-billion dollar Entertainment Industry, but it raises significant ethical questions”.

Literally putting the rider INSIDE a life and (potentially) death experience under their own control - mimicking virtual reality - this is NOT movie CGI or an enhanced video game - this is real. The Matrix Force Super Coaster is the next incarnation of the Thrill Ride”.

In an age of reality TV, extreme sports , MMA and the relentless quest for more intense and unique “thrills” this quantum leap forwards in entertainment technology raises serious philosophical questions that Society must answer. Is Society ready to accept a “real life (coaster) Hunger Games”, which anyone can “star” in by just paying for an admission ticket to a coaster park and signing a Liability Release? Why watch a movie or play a video game when you can experience the real thing?

Designed while attempting to theoretically break the fundamental roller coaster Paradigm   (“all riders get the same ride — every time”) the Matrix Force is a true “Thrill Ride” unlike anything else in the World at the present time.

What sets this coaster apart from existing rides? “Each person flies their individual rider POD to their own physical limits maximizing their “thrill score” using biofeedback, an HUD displaying their heart rate, blood pressure, position in 3D space, and the “G” force in real time”. (see the video “Matrix Force Coaster(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxB_R_SFCr0)” on youtube or at www.thrill-rider-movie.com)

Suddenly, the “unbreakable” roller coaster Paradigm is broken and super coaster riding becomes an "extreme sport" unlike anything else on the Planet at the present time. A real Thrill Ride! Matrix Force Riders will be able to compete with themselves and other riders each time, based on their rider “thrill” scores.

The Matrix Force Coaster inventor “Doc G” comments: “If not today — that day will come soon. The Historical, Social and Legal precedents are clear. This new innovative technology has opened the lid of Pandora's box just a little wider. Whether this is a good thing for Society — is less certain”.

Current plans include working towards getting the first Matrix Force Super Coaster built in order to change the World for Thrill Riders everywhere. “We are looking for people who want to be one of the first to RIDE the Matrix Force Super Coaster..they can check it out then support the Matrix Force Super Coaster Project on Kickstarter and earn a Golden Ticket (First Rider Pass) for their efforts”. The Kickstarter Campaign to have the Matrix Force Super Coaster built is scheduled to begin October 27th 2015

Here is the Kickstarter link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1041017390/matrix-force-super-coaster-project

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