Brazil - In fact, there have been many ¡°Forrest Gump¡± in the playing field of football game. These people have very amazing physical strength condition and full field running should be their mainly characteristics. The other feature characteristic for these players should be their hard strong-willed which can sustain their long time running. However, the new technology which has been released in this year¡¯s Brazil World Cup could help these players get rid from the suffering of huge body energy consuming. Now, the professional editor from famous online WorldSoccer2014 online store World Soccer 2014 will introduce with people this new football technology.

In the increasingly level of the intelligent and smart level of today¡¯s electronic devices, a new version of soccer shoe which have integrated brains has been shown in the football game of Brazil World Cup.

The sole of this newly high tech soccer shoe has a special groove for placing miCoach speed sensor. By the help of this sensor, the coach and player can capture the 360 degrees movement of the football player and then it could help to record the instantaneous velocity, average speed, maximum speed, sprint times, moving distance, the moving distance, run pace and stride rate under a high intensity level . All of that crucial information could help players and coaches make more precise analysis of the playing ground performance.

On the other hand, this soccer shoe also contains chips which could timely to capture the player¡¯s actions and cardiopulmonary status which will be uploaded to the special Tablet PC via wireless way. By this way, this shoe can let the players know the fitness and physical condition.

In addition to the former functions, the editor from cheap Football Boots said that England team also enables a newly software which could help to clearly get the playing data such as success rate of any player¡¯s ball passing, averaging tackles frequency and others. Meanwhile, the software will also provide video clips to show the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent players. In the new era of big data, the player does not need to make great effort and the high technology could help them avoid many unnecessary energy wasting.

Today, with the increasingly development of the sports technology, there will be more and more fresh techs which could be applied into the production of football boots. However, if people want to purchase the cheap Adidas football boots, please choose us.

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