SMS Support (aka Text Support) and SMS Customer Relationship Management, universally compatible with multiple platforms, is a newly launched txtNation service.

The service integrates directly with most support platforms such as Zendesk, Zoho Support and Oracle and CRM providers such as Salesforce, Sugar, Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a seamless integration to work alongside, in addition to, or instead of email support. Similarly the service can be used with any platform that uses emails for one or 2-way communications such as recruitment or bulk email management platforms.

txtNation’s proprietary system provides SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS functionality, which means that by simply adding an email address containing the user’s MSISDN (internationally formatted mobile phone number) followed by either your own domain (e.g. [email protected] or a domain provided by txtNation (e.g. [email protected]) you can easily send and receive sms messages.

The 2-way communication is triggered in two ways, either ‘proactively’ where the customer support agent pushes a text message, or ‘reactively’ where a customer support text number is promoted encouraging those who need customer support to send a text message to that number.

txtNation also has built in prevention controls so agents can’t accidentally trigger many SMS messages that were intended for email. One method is to update the ticket stating that the SMS was not sent as it was over 160 characters (email still sent), the other is to trim the message adding in the final portion of the 160 characters “[email protected] ”.

Jon Rowsell, txtNation managing director, commented “With no system configuration and just little bit of support team training, we have built a simple and useful bridge between our 2-way SMS API and support and CRM systems. Whenever someone sends an SMS to a txtNation number, a new ticket will be created or intelligently routed to an existing ticket. Teams can respond within their usual platform and that response will be sent to the customer via SMS keeping the thread connected. The best part is that the team doesn’t have to do anything differently.

Try it out yourself today. Contact txtNation sales for a demonstration and let us know how you use SMS in your helpdesk system by dropping us an email.”

You can find out more about txtNation’s E-SMS Gateway via and more about txtNation, its SMS Support System and more on txtNation’s Mobile Billing and Messaging platform by visiting , emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)1752 484 333. Latest news can be found on txtNation’s blog at

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