With the prime purpose of enlightening people on the benefits and facts of Treatibles, a superfood brand for pets derived from hemp, a new video clip has been recently posted on the site HelloMD. According to the information available on the website the video titled as ‘Introduction to Treatibles’ features Julianna Carella who is the CEO of Treatibles as well as Auntie Dolores.


A representative of the website maintained, “Many of our members had been inquiring a lot about Treatibles about its effectiveness, how it is made, possible side effects, and so on. We are glad to have Julianna respond to all of these questions. In the video, she has tried to explain how Treatibles can be fed to a pet in order to make them strong and healthier. It would be quite informative for anyone looking to purchase any of the products from Treatibles for the well-being of their pets.”


Reports suggest that Treatibles provides support for animals with a broad spectrum of conditions besides assisting in facilitation of a calm and balanced system. Various researches have found the superfood to be safe and non-toxic, thanks to absence of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. Moreover, Treatibles has also been found to be CBD rich and free of preservatives.


The representative of HelloMD also commented, “There are a lot of different pet food companies indulge in production of chews and foods for animals by neglecting their effects in the long run. Brands like Treatibles come once in a while with products which deserve to be on the shelves of every pet store across the country.”


He also revealed that along with the video, Julianna has also commented on some of the questions asked by members. He even maintained that a link to purchase Treatibles was also being shared so that interested buyers can easily place orders. For more details go to https://www.hellomd.com/biz/treatibles



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