Artistrove brings the new water brush pen to Amazon, enabling artists of all ages to partake in this enjoyable, therapeutic activity.

June 22, 2016 Queens, NY — Watercolor art is considered to be some of the most gorgeous and ethereal forms of visual art on display. The transparent colors are what make this style so unique and inviting to artists and those who collect art. Artistrove’s Water Brush Pen for Watercolor Painting is a remarkable new product for watercolor artists. The brush serves not only as a brush, but as a receptacle for water, making it both brush and pen—no mess, no fuss, just clean, evenly distributed color. The pens are multipurpose, enabling artists to use them with watercolors, as watercolor pencils, or even with pen ink for use creating calligraphy. The products are designed for easy use and cleanup, just pour water into the pen’s reservoirs and apply to water brush pen to paint.

“We love this product because of enables more of a fine edge to this style of painting than regular paint brushes might allow,” says spokesperson Anthony R. Unger. “It is also a multipurpose product; not only can it be used with water colors and watercolor pencils, but also ink for those who like to create calligraphy art.”

The set comes with three different brush heads: extra fine, medium, and broad tip to give artists multiple options for coloring and painting. Artistrove is so confident that people will love their pen they are offering a 30 day moneyback guarantee for customers. Given the pen’s affordable introductory pricing at $9.99 (that’s 56% off the regular purchase price), Artistrove is a bargain for artists and anyone else wanting to have fun with water colors. Artistrove Water Brush Pen for Watercolor Painting is a new style of tool, so the company encourages watercolor artists to play with it for a bit in order to get an understanding of the water flow, “… like any other new product there will be a tiny learning curve, but very soon most artists will not only be adept with its use but happy they have a nomess product to play with ,” says Jeremiah Dontay
The nylon tips are easy to clean, creates consistent lines, and are durable. For more information on the product, visit:

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