In pharmaceutical manufacturing, inaccurately measured ingredients can lead to bad batches and waste. If not caught in the manufacturing process, defective products could end up in the hands of consumers, potentially causing physical harm. METTLER TOLEDO has recently published a webinar that explains the importance of weighing processes to ensure consistent final product quality.

Carefully selecting a weighing solution to match specific process requirements is critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing because weighing processes can contribute significantly to consistent final product quality. When developing processes based on the Quality-by-Design (QbD) concept, steps should be taken to ensure quality is built in.

QbD incorporates the entire development and production Lifecycle, including specification of the desired product performance, product design, process design and process performance to ensure quality in every process step. It is a scientific, risk-based approach to identify process errors early so that proactive steps may be taken to ensure safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

To explain the potential influence of QbD in weighing processes and product quality, METTLER TOLEDO experts have recently published a new webinar, "QbD — Ensuring Consistent Weighing Quality in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing." This webinar provides an overview on various aspects of weighing quality within pharmaceutical manufacturing and examines the relevance of weighing processes for QbD frameworks. It is an educational tool for anyone involved with quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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