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Our goal and purpose will be to help consumers learn everything necessary to find the right shoes at the right price and be able to enjoy wearing them for years to come.

Avast array of different materials are used in the construction of new shoes( Sport type shoes, such as running shoes, basketball shoes, and a host of other shoes of this type have evolved over the years from the simple tennis shoe of yesteryear. In years past, for a sport-type shoe, most people wore the tennis shoe. This shoe had a body of canvas with rubber soles that had been produced with a non-slip tread.

Due to manufacturing costs and other factors, many companies that, in the past, produced a particular model shoe in an enormous variety of sizes, both in length and in width. Some shoes even offered a choice in heel width, and so on. These days, the average shoe comes only in a D width, which is considered medium and just as people are mostly right-handed, most people can make do with a D width shoe. E or EE are follow-ups in popularity, and many manufacturers do offer those as well.

If a person is counted among those who have narrow or very wide feet, finding the right shoe may prove to be much more difficult. Spending a lot of money on a pair of shoes does not translate to a wider choice of sizes. Many shoes costing $600 or more come only in a D width. On the other hand, there are companies that do offer a greater variety of shoe sizes for a much more modest price. It pays to get on the Internet and do a little homework.

Best2Shoes( hopes to bring informational and perhaps even exciting news from the world of shoes.

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