Centrifugal fan, popularly known as Squirrel Cage Fan because of its resemblance to hamster wheel is said to be gaining more importance currently. These types of fans are widely used in commercial buildings for a number of purposes. Invented in the year 1832 by a renowned Russian engineer, its use has been increasing with the expansion of industries. According to a recent market report, the sale and purchase of squirrel cage fan over the past few years is said to be higher and more profitable.

Compared to axial fans, squirrel cage fans are said to be comparatively cheaper and easy to construct. Its use is mainly for transporting materials and gas. It is also used in big buildings for ventilation and cooling and heating systems. Apart from industrial sectors, it can also be used in air pollution control systems. With so many different types of fans available in the market, experts pointed out that individuals or companies should pick the right fan for their building. Fans are said to be an important role in increasing the productivity of a plant. Highly efficient fans are recommended as it provides maximum performance and draws less power hence resulting in less electricity bills.

Squirrel Cage Fans are known for its high reliability and portability. With an easy to manipulation functions, it can be easily managed. Centrifugal fan is also more convenient because it can be installed in two ways — inline application or mounted on wall. It is considered to be the ideal pick for those who require movement of air in the room.

Squirrel Cage Fan is usually made of 6 different blades, each blade having its own purpose and application. Also depending on the amount of air pressure required, customers should choose the blades and increase productivity in less time. For more information please go to http://www.squirrelcagefan.org/


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