A website; Hcg-drops.org , has come out of the woodwork offering visitors in depth knowledge on the HCG Drops weight loss program. Visitors can hope to gain vital information on the program that could be essential to making the weight loss system work for them. Information includes reviews and different ways in which people have managed to reap maximum returns in terms of results.

What HCG is

HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a homeopathic based diet plan which utilizes the unique properties of the hormone known as HCG that is normally prevalent in pregnant women. Its released from their pancreas during pregnancy and its purpose in pregnant women is to enable both infant and mother to get all the nutrients necessary for growth while still maintaining the ideal weight by stimulating fat burning.

How it works

Well proponents of the system are provided with HCG diet drops. This drops can simply be administered by placing them on the tip of the tongue. Once it enters the body it helps trick the body into thinking it is not hungry while stimulating the body’s metabolic system to burn up fat. By maintaining a 500 gram calorie eating habit one is able to stick to the diet plan thanks to the hormone suppressing the urge to eat more than what is necessary. By adhering to a calorie reduced HCG diet in conjunction to the HCG drops and some exercise, people have reported losing as much as 25 pounds in as little as 30 days.

What makes it stand out

HCG drops diet program unlike traditional strict diet plans has numerous advantages one of which means being able to still enjoy delicious nutritious foods like garlic steak and chicken cutlets among others so long as they are not high calorie foods. Its also non pharmaceutical meaning, no prescription is needed to get started on the path to a slimmer healthier future. No side effects as it is FDA approved. Easy storage makes it the ideal travel dieting solution as the HCG drops do not require any refrigeration and have a 5 year shelf life,

About HCG drops

HCG drops is the brain child product of DR A T W Simeons, a British endocrinologist. He is also the author of the magazine Pounds and inches based on the same diet program. For more information related to the HCG drops diet program please visit www.hcg-drops.org for comprehensive coverage of the program.

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