Kildare, Ireland; 17, October 2016: With big chain "goth" stores now evolving to cater to the more mainstream “nerd” clothing culture over the past few years gothic and alternative clothing have risen in price effectively raising the bar even higher for younger teens and adults that want to dress goth. Hale Satin recently launched their ecommerce store with an aim to combat this trend and attempt to make gothic clothing and accessories more affordable for everyone. Their first step towards this goal is offering free shipping on every order, with no minimum spend.

They have also created a blog focused on the gothic community which includes topics like goth makeup, skincare and horror/cult films and books. Founder of Hale Satin, Lynda Mc Donald, stated "Hale Satin aims to bring value to the goth/alternative community beyond just lowering the cost of clothing. We want to create a hub for the community, an entry point for those who are interested in the culture and somewhere for those more seasoned in the culture to review and discuss relevant media."

To learn more about the launch, stock, or to book an interview, contact Lynda Mc Donald via email at [email protected], or visit the website at

About Hale Satin:

Hale Satin is a small company based in Kildare, Ireland who trade online via their ecommerce store They stock a variety of gothic and alternative clothing and accessories in a range of victorian, harajuku and contemporary styles.Hale Satin are an active part of the goth community on their instagram account (@halesatin_clothing) where they regularly hold competitions.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Lynda Mc Donald
Company: Hale Satin
Email: [email protected]