WMV files are very popular but, when it comes to viewing these files on an Apple device, the user can face incompatibility issues. In such cases, having a reliable WMV to MOV converter is very important. Thankfully, users who need this converter don’t have to look far for it. The brand new converter launched in the market is now available for free.

This converter is a powerhouse of a converter as it does the job without any loss in quality or time. There are a variety of ways in which the converter functions. There are many inbuilt features that can come very handy. For instance, the user can set his priority order for conversion. He can instruct the WMV to MOV converter on which files he thinks need conversion first. Once the order is set up, the converter will do its job.

For viewing of files on a handheld or mobile device, the user can select lower resolution option for the output file. Like this, the converter can juggle between different functions and still manage to give out the best output. One would think a WMV to MOV converter this solid will take up a lot of space. Surprisingly, it does not which is why users who are skeptical about using this converter should jump on the opportunity right now.

About the WMV to MOV converter:

This converter’s primary job is to make sure Windows media files are compatible on other devices such as an iPad. The quality of conversion is maintained all throughout and also the user can customize the converter to produce results that will help him get the output he needs. To know more and download the converter for free, log onto http://download.cnet.com/Free-WMV-to-MOV-Converter/3000-13570_4-76149696.html

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