Beijing, China; 04, December 2014: Smoking may not always be injurious to health. now comes up with a healthy formulation of Newport cigarettes that contains a high quality tobacco blend and low nicotine content. The cigarette meant to offer a cleaner, healthier and fresher smoking experience, and is available at an affordable price from The online store supplies the product with free worldwide shipping.

Despite adverse health effects of cigarette smoking, many addicts fail to quit the habit. They keep smoking an unhealthy tobacco blend. For such people, now it will be easier to enjoy smoking a less harmful product. According to the spokesperson of the company, people can now enjoy the Newport pleasure without being concerned about health issues. With a natural and minty flavor, a smoker can experience the freshness while small 0.2mg nicotine content provides the desired level of smoking satisfaction.

The spokesperson maintains that this is the best menthol based cigarette available so far, and one can enjoy a smooth smoking experience that is devoid of an unhealthy dose of tobacco. For a large number of smokers who cannot put a control on their smoking habit, this cigarette could prove a healthy alternative. Besides health benefits, the tax-free affordable pricing could be another reason to draw the attention of the smokers. “Quit smoking requires a lot of motivation and Newport brings several important reasons to forget a harmful smoking product and switch to a healthy smoking formulation,” the spokesperson states.

Moreover, the Newport 100s Cigarettes are available in a variety of sizes for the diverse groups of smokers. One can choose a custom size to get an unforgettable smoking experience. Available in a box of 10 packs of 20 cigarettes, this healthy smoking alternative is available at an affordable cost. Moreover, the product is made in the USA, providing the quality guarantee of the product. The product features original box packaging and is delivered at the doorstep of the buyer. One can learn more about the cigarettes and can place an order by following the link

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