(Free Press Release) The traditional approach to finding office space in Newport Beach has, to put it bluntly, often been a matter of compromise. Until now, it has been extremely difficult to find a facility that offers all the features that a business needs, unless of course they are willing to pay out large sums of money to buy the land and then build a bespoke office that meets all their requirements. Obviously, this is way beyond the abilities of many businesses and is even more true in difficult times when money is tight.

Fortunately, those looking for office space or executive suites in Newport Beach can now take advantage of a new approach to office rental. The Newport Executive Center has done away with the traditional approach, choosing instead to focus on giving businesses everything they want without forcing them to compromise or pay large fees. So how have they done it? Their answer is straightforward when you think about it, and is one of those that makes you wonder why it wasn‘t done years ago.

Firstly, they make the office space flexible. You can rent single offices suitable for one or two people, or a whole suite of offices that are suitable for a larger company. There is no longer any need to cram employees and equipment into a tiny space, or pay for space that isn‘t used. Secondly, they realise that image is important to any business. It isn‘t just that the offices themselves are smartly designed and functional, but also that additional services and facilities such as a receptionist and support staff, conference rooms and equipment are available as needed. Concierge services are also available, from arranging for your or your clients cars to be detailed to arranging cabs, organizing catering for meetings or events, and even ordering flowers for clients.

You don‘t even need to be renting an office in the building to be able to take advantage of the facilities. Conference room hire and associated equipment and services are available to anyone who needs them. Many companies who have no physical presence in the area find this extremely beneficial, as they can now meet clients as required without needing to set up a permanent office.

Many small companies find the virtual office facilities here to be a big advantage. People just starting find that their image is improved by having a business address in a prestigious, well known professional area, and they also don‘t have to be tied to the office. The services that form part of the virtual office experience include secretarial services, mail forwarding, telephone answering and more, allowing any business owner to spend more time out and about instead of dealing with the mundane tasks that can eat up time.

Anyone looking for office space in Newport Beach, or executive suites in Newport Beach, could do much worse than take a closer look at Newport Executive Center : http://www.newportexecutivecenter.net/

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Newport Executive Center is a office space and business executive space provider based in Newport Beach and Orange County. Company provides affordable Executive Suites, Office Space in Newport Beach and Orange County. Having many year of experience and many no. of clients are associated with us.


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