China; 26, October 2016: ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’, so goes the warning that is statutorily labeled on every cigarette pack. So, it doesn’t need to be exaggerated that the wellbeing of both active and passive smokers are at risk owing to the toxic chemicals contained in the tobacco which of course is the main ingredient of cigarettes. Nevertheless, there are numerous smokers around the world who simply cannot see through the day without taking puffs from a cigarette. It is not as if they’re unwilling to kick the habit but can’t seem to find the will to do so. is one certified site that has been catering to the needs of such smokers as it retails superlative brands of cigarettes at best prices including West cigarettes.

The process of ordering cigarettes online from is not only convenient and simple but there are some specific benefits that accrue to the buyer when he or she places an online order for his or her favorite brand of cigarette via the portal. For a start, the customer can take it for granted that he’ll be paying a price or rate that is less in comparison to what he has to shell out when purchasing offline. Secondly, since the site makes sure that it exclusively supplies original quality cigarettes to the purchaser, the smoker feels fully satiated after enjoying a few puffs from a stick of Newport 100s cigarettes. This in turn implies that he’ll be less prone to light up immediately or in a few minutes time for his subsequent smoke.

Therefore there is always a strong possibility that the incorrigible smoker will be at least able to curtail or bring down the total number of cigarettes he smokes throughout the day. If the smoker is successful in curtailing his overall consumption, he can surely look forward to giving up smoking altogether and for good, if he strengthens his resolve or willpower. Anyway, coming back to the subject of puffing, there are numerous brands that are extremely popular with certain sections of smokers. One such brand is Cigaronne cigarettes and right now if a buyer logs in at the website, he’ll be able to see images of at least 8 different varieties of the aforementioned brand.

The diverse varieties of Cigaronne cigarettes include Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold, Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver, Cigaronne Exclusive Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims White, and Cigaronne Exclusive White Cigarettes. Some of the varieties are priced at $120.00, others $140.00 and the rest at $150.00. The prices are for 10 carton packs and so that is the minimum the buyer has to order. Or, if he so wishes, he can order in multiples of 10 cartons.

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