China; 16, June 2016: People living in different parts of the world have different hobbies and passions. Some like to travel, some like to party while some like to spend time with their families. Among the popular hobbies which people usually like to try socially as well as in their leisure time is of smoking. Although, smoking is injurious to health but occasionally trying out different flavors in a judicious manner is not deniable too. There are a number of brands which hail from different corners of the planet. Each of them specialize in one area or the other. Some specialize in the essence and flavor while some specialize in the aspect of being strong or soothing. Depending on the preference, people like to try these and switch from one brand to the other. However, there are limited number of options when it comes to trying brands which are offering their products in different corners of the world. To make things simpler and offer a unique portal where customers can buy these cigarettes from any brand and from any country of the world, has come up with its online store.

The store is easy to access and can be a pleasure when it comes to selecting a product and ordering them online. The platform can be used to order West Cigarettes, Benson & Hedges cigarettes, or any other popular brand. Making an order is quite simple wherein a customer will have to create an account and browse through the products. The homepage offers a list of all the brands that are available and depending on the preference a customer may select their favorite ones. Each of the product come with a MOQ and the range for a particular product can be decided by a customer too. Once a customer has added the product in their cart, they need to confirm the order and the payment modes. Presently, the company is accepting payments using Bank Wire and Western Union. Once the orders are confirmed, the customers are provided with the payment details.

After making the payment, a customer will have to confirm his payment details with their reference numbers. Once the payment is received the company makes arrangement to ship the products using the services of leading shipping service provider named DHL. So irrespective of Hilton Cigarettes, Newport cigarettes or any other popular brand, the store features them all.

About is an online shopping portal that sells a wide collection of cigarettes from virtually all the popular brands from across the globe. Ordering these products is possible for people living in any country. For more information about the options and making a purchase, the customers can visit their website.

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