23 July, 2014: A recently published list detailing the best restaurants on the Balearic island of Menorca could interest customers of companies such as Bartle Holidays planning to head to the island this summer. 

The list was compiled by a travel reporter for major Spanish periodical El Mundo, based on his own personal preferences, and published on their website. The different restaurants that conform this round-up are compiled by region, making it easier for customers of holiday accommodation rental companies such as Bartle Holidays to learn which among the recommended establishments are closest to their home base on the island. As the reporter is a frequent holidaymaker to Menorca, readers of this article can also expect to gain some insight on what type of food each restaurant offers, what its price range is, and other useful items of information. 

In rounding up this list, the specialist reporter from El Mundo was careful to not only follow his own personal tastes, but also put the spotlight on restaurants offering traditionally Menorcan food. Experiencing the ‘real’ gastronomic specialties of any given location is usually a large part of the appeal of a holiday, and from the other end of the spectrum, putting the spotlight on Menorcan cuisine can be an important way of making potential visitors aware of the island’s strong suits. It is, therefore, unsurprising that so many of the establishments included in this write-up focus on delivering their own spin on Menorcan specialities, either from a gourmet standpoint or from a heartier, more down-home perspective. 

In terms of standout regions in which to eat in Menorca, the author of this feature singles out Sant Luis, which he calls the ‘gastronomic epicentre’ of the island, as well as Ciutadella, Es Mercadal and gastronomic ‘reference’ Sa Pedrera D’Es Pujol, where his favourite restaurant is located. 

Menorcan culinary delicacies include the stew known as caldereta, a favourite of the King of Spain. 

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