A member of the Travel writing team for major Australian periodical the Sydney Morning Herald recently published a feature in which she offers a few valuable tips to keep in mind when acquiring travel insurance for family holidays.

The article focuses primarily on lost or stolen luggage and property, one of the most delicate areas to tread when making insurance claims after a holiday. The requisites and circumstances necessary to make a successful claim for this reason are often even more specific than for other holiday-related mishaps, which was why the Sydney-based staff writer saw the need to advise travellers on what their travel insurance for family holidays will and will not cover.

Few travellers will be aware, for example, that most travel policies will not cover baggage or personal item theft resulting from entrusting third parties with said items. Even if the person the valuables were left with was a trusted third party, travellers who suffer losses as the result of a situation like this will be hard-pressed to present a successful claim.

Likewise, most policies will not cover damage or theft resulting from neglect or forgetfulness. Tourists travelling abroad are therefore advised to keep an eye on their personal items and luggage at all times during their holiday.

Finally, the Sydney Morning Herald travel writer urges tourists to always get reports of whatever mishap occurs, in writing. This will make the process of claiming insurance easier, and can often spell the difference between a successful claim and a rejected one. In addition, holidaymakers taking out travel insurance for family holidays are advised to always read the fine print of their policy, to avoid disappointment.

Lost or stolen luggage is one of the most common claims made by tourists, taking second place only to claims relating to medical expenses.

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