China, 14 January, 2015: There are many machines used by people on a regular basis. It is primarily found in their homes and offices. The most frequently used ones are refrigerators and air conditioners. Due to extensive use, they are also subject to wear and tear. It is the minor problems sometimes fixed by a small scale repair exercise. However, at times some of the spare parts enough damaged to be removed completely. Newvision Fittings helps in solving these problems by offering a wide range of spare parts from A to Z for refrigerators and split air conditioners.

In the varied product categories, there is air conditioner service valve for customers. Their presence in the cooling system offers a way of charging the refrigerant into a unit. It comes with a brass flare nut, straight tube and bended tube. For increasing the efficiency of the system, the split air conditioner valve helps to meter refrigerant and filter debris. There is removable flare nut for providing the link of liquid and suction lines in these refrigeration units. A forged brass gets rid of all corrosion problems.

There is copper return bend used in case of air conditioner coils such as heat exchanger, evaporator and condenser. The company can deliver these products in 1500,000 pieces each month. It is packed in pobly bags, pallets and carton boxes. Another key component of AC refrigeration unit, Copper U Bend with brazing rings is also available in different diameters, height, pitch and thickness. Further details like original equipment manufacturer and drawings are provided on request to the customers.

For the pipe fittings, there is Copper Tripod which is found in the cooling unit of air conditioner. The shapes available to cater varying requirements are tripod left, tripod right, side open bend and top open bend. Different stages of inspection are carried out separately by the quality control staff and research and development department before delivery. The company also offers support and assistance to its domestic associates for promoting variety of spare parts, tools and equipments.

A subsidiary of Grand Group Corporation, the company has the certification of ISO. New Vision Industries Company Limited mainly caters to the demand in America, Middle East, Europe, Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia. It has an experienced and qualified team of professionals as staff members. Payment modes such as PayPal and Western Union are also accepted. The product quality is examined by engineers by precision test equipments as per the customer requirements.

About New Vision Industries Company Limited:

New Vision Industries Company Limited is involved in the manufacture, supply and export of spare parts equipments in refrigerator and split air conditioner. It has a quality control and research development department involved in maintaining the quality of products before delivery. Visit the website for more information on the different product categories on sale.