Camouflage has just released the widest selection of commando / military style ghillie suits. The product range includes Ghillie-Flage Ghillie Suit, Bushrag Ghillie Suit, Paintball Ghillie Suit, Chameleon Synthetic Ghillie Suit, Ultra Light Ghillie Jacket & Pants, Chameleon Face Veil and many more.

Camouflage America is more than an online store that sells various kinds of ghillie suits for next generation youngster. Ghillie suits have come of age and are significantly better in quality, technology and cheaper in price.

"We offers ghillie suits that are certified and pre-treated with fire retardant, as its advised not to wear a suit that has not been treated with anti-flammable material. We offers ghillie suits that are lighter, made from synthetic jute thread, and the best quality suits they offer weigh less than 3 pounds", said spokesperson, Camouflage America.

All the ghillie suits can be conveniently ordered online. So this saves a lot of time and money. All the orders are promptly dispatched and delivered in a timely fashion.

We hope that you would enjoy shopping at our store for ghillie suits. We would love to receive any feedback from you.


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