August 4, 2015, NYC, United States- Nezih Ulgentay has recently introduced special personal training packages in NYC to help people achieve their fitness goals.

When we talk about Nezih, he is indeed one of the most renowned personal trainers in NYC who has helped several individuals reach their fitness goals. His new customized personal training programs have been designed in such a manner that the clients won’t waste their money, energy & time with him. With over 20 years of experience, Nazih trains all his clients with the most effective training methods that are inclusive of unique training techniques.

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About Nezih Ulgentay
Nezih Ulgentay is a professional personal trainer who has helped many athletes achieve greater skills through his unique approach. His training skills and techniques have proven to be quite effective for professional athletes and amateurs too. As a trainer his training approach is friendly, positive, optimistic, knowledgeable, skillful, and motivating.

Personal Trainer NYC Nezih Ulgentay
Address: Bronx, NY, United States
Phone:+1 917-889-4875