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If you're looking to catch the game and a drink you can use
The Times-Picayune's go-to-bar guide to find the perfect spot in the New Orleans area.

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Radio station? WWL Radio 870 AM/105.3 FM

There are no playoff implications in the prime time matchup, but there will be plenty on the line as far as coaching staffs and rosters are concerned. Detroit's ownership has been talking about significant changes: they are searching for a new general manager after Martin Mayhew got the boot in November, and head coach Jim Caldwell can't be complacent by any stretch of the imagination.

Nobody quite knows what is going to happen with Sean Payton next season, but the well-respected coach can only boost his value -- to the Saints, potential trade candidates or the open market in general -- if the Saints look like a well-coached team on Monday. Even if the Saints are bereft of top tier defensive talent and stand little chance of containing all of Detroit's open field threats, Payton's team can still look prepared.

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